Lunch at Frenzi


Brown farmers bread with goats cheese, bell pepper and apple syrup. € 7.00

Foccacia bread with buffalo mozzarella, tomato, Serrano ham and pesto. € 7.00

Brown farmers bread with smoked mackerel, apple and mayonnaise. € 7.50

Brown farmers bread with old cheese, quince and cucumber. € 7.00

Toast bread with bacon, lettuce and tomato, egg and turkey. € 7.50

Foccacia bread with fried chicken, tomato and avocado. € 8.50

Foccacia bread with fried steak strips, onions and mushrooms. € 8.50


Salad with goats cheese, walnuts and honey dressing. € 9.50

Salad with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and Serrano ham. € 9.50


Spicy pumpkin-coconut soup with spring onion € 6.50

Ravioli of the day € 12.00

Pasta of the day € 14.00

Farmers omelet (eggs with vegetables) € 8.50

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